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English Chinese Talking Dictionary

Listed by RightBrainBabies. Updated 2 years ago.


English-Chinese Picture Dictionary is an educational set aiming to help the child become bilingual in English and Chinese and teach phonics. As a result, his or her memory capacity and ability to absorb information are enhanced.

RightBrainBabies is Singapore's official exclusive distributor for all Taiwan Learning Age educational products. We offer 1-1 exchange for any manufacturing defect.

Become Bilingual with English-Chinese Picture Dictionary

The bilingual children have many advantages over monolingual children. First, as the research conducted in Singapore shows, babies and toddlers exposed to two or more languages have more developed memory capacity as compared to monolingual children. In addition, their ability to process and absorb information is more enhanced. Finally, the early learners can achieve native competency in the target language and thus become bilingual.

As the children learn and acquire best through play, we offer you a book that will help your child learn and improve both English and Chinese skills – the English-Chinese Picture Dictionary. It is designed for children aged 2 and above and comes with a reading pen that reads 3000 picture words, the electronic dictionary repository of 15,000 words and 3 separate cards that teach the child phonics.

How is English-Chinese Picture Dictionary engaging for your child? The toddlers tend to imitate what they are exposed to a lot. The reading pen enables them both to build the understanding and to hear the proper pronunciation of the picture (word) they point to in both English and Chinese. In addition, they can record themselves pronouncing any word from the dictionary and then compare it to the proper pronunciation from the dictionary.

How beneficial is English-Chinese dictionary for your child?

It comes with European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
It builds the child’s monitor skill by giving it an option to compare his pronunciation to the proper pronunciation.
It improves the child’s linguistic competency in both English and Chinese.
Its electronic repository includes 15,000 words from various fields, e.g. vegetables and fruits, so the child can simultaneously enrich its English and Chinese vocabulary.
It enables the child acquire the proper pronunciation by providing the standard pronunciation patterns recorded by the native speakers of Chinese and English. The pronunciation of words in Chinese is recorded by a Taiwanese lady and English by an American-Chinese lady.
It helps children aged 2 and above become bilingual in English and Chinese.
The Reading Pen helps the child understand the meaning of words, read and pronounce them properly.
The Reading Pen will remind your child to play with the dictionary by sending it a recorded message to prompt the child to use it.
In addition, there is an option to automatically turn off when not used for a while extends the life span of the Reading Pen battery.
So, if you want your child to develop simultaneously English and Chinese skills and achieve native fluency in both, enhancing memory capacity and information processing speed, give him or her English-Chinese Picture Dictionary. Make learning and language acquisition fun.

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English Chinese Talking Dictionary

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