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Getting Started

1. How do I join?
Joining szhop is easy. Step-by-step to sign up is here.

2. Where do I change or update my personal details?

You can edit your personal profile via your personal dashboard.

Before you buy

1. How do I change my viewing currency?
You can change your viewing currency simply how selecting the CURRENCY OF CHOICE from the top bar.

2. How do I add products to cart?
When you are viewing a Product on its product detail page, just choose your option and click the Add to Cart button. The product will be added to your cart immediately. If you decide that you no longer want that item, you can always remove it from your cart.

3. Can I buy a product without being a member?
Sorry you cannot. Signing up as a member is easy. All you need is to provide a username, valid email address and password.

4. Why do I need to be a member to buy products?
You will need to be a member to access your dashboard. This will enable you to view your order status, and trace your order. You will be able to contact sellers via szhop messaging system.

After you buy

1. How long will it take to receive my order?
This will depends on the location where the order is shipped from and shipped to. Generally all stores will provide an indication on the expected days of shipment. This can be viewed on the product detail page.

2. If I am having a problem with my order, what should I do?
If you have any problem with your order, you should contact the seller directly. If you still face issue, you can report a case to szhop.

3. What is the Return/Exchange policy?
Since all products come directly from different sellers, return and exchange policies are different for each store. Please check store policies page, and carefully read their product description for more information. If you have any queries, kindly contact the individual sellers directly by sending them a message via "SEND MESSAGE".


1. Is my payment secure?
szhop uses Paypal, one of the most accepted payment solutions. Before entering making as payment, you will be transferred to PayPal's secured servers. szhop will never see you financial information.

2. I'm purchasing items from multiple stores. Why do I have just one payment total?
szhop partners with PayPal to offer you a split payments service. This means that your orders from multiple stores are combined into one total if they are shipped to the same location and same currency It will be processed by PayPal and charged to your credit card. After the payment has been received, PayPal splits that payment up accordingly to the stores that you purchased from.

3. Can I use other payment systems other than PayPal?
No, purchases and payment must be made through PayPal, one of the most accepted payment solution on the web.

Seller FAQ

1. Can I change my store name?
Yes you can. But the URL is fixed, and cannot be changed.

2. Can I change my selling currency?
No you cannot. Once you have created your store, you cannot change your selling currency.

3. When and how do I get paid?
Once a buyer purchases your product, you will received a notification from Szhop and Paypal. You will be received your payment in your Paypal account immediately.

4. What are the fee and commission I have to pay?
Setting a store is free when you sign up as a Silver store member. You will only need to pay szhop a nominal 3% commission after you sell your product. The usual PayPal charge applies. If you don't sell anything, you don't need to pay anything. It is TOTALLY RISK-FREE.

During promotional period, if you sign up as a GOLD or PLATINUM member, you will only pay a monthly fee of USD9.90/29.90. There is TOTALLY NO COMMISSION charge by szhop. This means all you need to pay szhop is USD9.90/29.90 regardless of how many products you sell. However, do note the usual PayPal charge applies for product purchased from your store.

5. How do I create size guide?
a. You can create a size guide in MANAGE STORE.

b. From the MANAGE STORE page, select SIZE GUIDE.

c. On the SIZE GUIDE page, enter a name for the size guide profile. There are 2 ways to create the size guide:

i) Uploading an image in PDF/JPG/PNG/GIF format

ii) Create a size guide using a WYSIWYG editor

d. Submit after you are done. Your size guide profile is created.

e. This size guide profile will be available in LIST PRODUCT page.

Terms of Use

1. Where can I view the Terms of Use ?
Here is the Terms of Use for using szhop

Privacy Policy

1. What is szhop's Privacy Policy?
Here is szhop's Privacy Policy.


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